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Fanfiction based on the character Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
General Community Info

We are a community dedicated to posting, reading, and discussing Spike fanfiction. If your post isn't about Spike (at least in part) it doesn't belong here and will be deleted.

Rules (and if you don't behave, bogwitch will give you a spanking!

1. You must be a member of the community to post your fanfiction here. To do this, first set up a Livejournal account, then select the link above that says "join this community." If you use the + button you may find you cannot post.

2. If you post a fanfic, you must place the body of your story behind a lj-cut. If you fail to do this, your story will be deleted without warning.

3. If your story contains adult content (including violence, bloodplay, strong language, sexual content, etc), you MUST place a warning at the beginning of your story. ALL adult content, including visual imagery and icons, MUST be placed behind lj-cut or risk deletion. Use your noggins, people, if the material is stronger than the show then it MUST be behind a cut.

4. This should be so obvious as to not be worth mentioning, but you may only post your own work. Plagarism will NOT be tolerated in this community.

5. Do not read adult material if you are not "of age", because it's naughty. I am not to blame if you do.

6. No flaming, please. Constructive criticism is welcome.

7. If your post contains a large picture, please place it behind a lj-cut. This includes Fic Banners, which are welcome, but must be of a reasonable size, i.e. small enough not to mangle member's friends lists and the community page. If images are found to be too large the post may be deleted.

8. Being an English native, bogwitch doesn't like to see her fellow countryvamp mangling her language. If you'd like help with Englishisms or Spike's English 'voice', drop her a line at bogwitch@yahoo.co.uk and she'll try to help you out.

9. ALL posts to the community are now moderated. Don't worry, this is to weed out a very small minority of posts that do not meet the rules. I'm trusting you to behave!

10. This is a community for the promotion of Spike fiction. All stories (and post) must feature Spike as either the main character or a major character. Stories without Spike will be deleted without warning.

11. Please don't disable comments on your posts as the mods cannot tag them or put them into memories. We do this to help people find your fic! Outside linking is allowed, but discouraged because spike_fics is a community after all and that means everyone should be mixing together here.

12. Please give a clear description of your fic outside the cut, including rating, pairing(s) etc. This is your opportunity to really SELL your fic, make the most of it.

13. Tags will be added by the moderators. Please do not add your own tags.

Still confused? Here is a suggested layout for posting your fanfiction summary:

Story Title
By Author's Name
Rated (G - NC-17)
Genre (Romance, Angst, Drama, etc)
Warnings: (Violence, sexual content, etc)


Story Content

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